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It is a long established. Thanks for using our products and services (“Services”). The Services are provided by PETSAAL TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED (“Petsaal”), located at 1504-A, 2nd Floor, Zarrar Shaheed Road, Lahore Cantt, Punjab, Pakistan, 54810.

By joining us, you are completely agreeing to these terms and conditions. Please read them carefully. These terms and condition are subjected to changes with notice and will be applicable to you, immediately. You are accepting this and those coming up unconditionally.

  • You are required to abide by the official timing until you have written permission of an authorized official body. Failure to observe official timing is considered a breach of terms and condition and will cause a deduction in your salary.
  • Any representative or office body can contact you at any time, if required. You are required to present with a useful response. Failure to do so might lead to termination.
  • Your official hours will be determined by office administration and are standard for all employees. The only exception to this is a written consent by your manager with only authorized signature of a director.
  • Company can call for your service at any time and place. There is no exception to this rule.
  • Any work you put for the company is and remains property of company. You do not hold any right to its ownership and cannot use it for any reason or purpose except company’s benefit on consent of authorized official body.
  • Working days are determined by office and if there isn’t any holiday mentioned by company, it is breach of terms of condition to assume a holiday. In case of breach of this term, you will directly report to specified official body and accept any penalty imposed by the body.
  • If in any case you need a day off, or you are planning a vacation, you need to request the specified official body for permission. If he permits you, a written application by you and an approval is necessary. In case of emergency, the request and permission should be in textual format for references.
  • In case of denial of your leave application, you are required to come to office at any cost. If you fail to do so this might lead to termination or a strong penalty.
  • In case of emergency, you need to inform in a textual format. Company will always accept your genuine request and emergencies and will not deduct or penalize you.
  • If you fail to reach office, in time, you will be penalized.
  • 12 sick or emergency leaves are allowed without deduction per year. A confirmation of official body is required to be eligible for these leaves.
  • Any day off with or without informing will cause a heavy deduction of your salary.
  • You are required to give honest and quality hours to office. Constant failure to provide quality work can cause termination upon judgement of authorized official body.
  • If you are over your deadline or there is pressure of something to be done in a shorter time, you will be required to complete work from home or work in office, no matter, how much times it takes.
  • You are required to be in office, at least 15 minutes before the starting time. Later than that will be considered violation of time.
  • Your salary will be issued on 10th of the month. It can be paid early but should not be expected or related to any other day.
  • You are limited to work only for company, unless you have written permission for a dual job or for freelancing. It should not affect your performance in any way or harm office or your work progress. If you are found to be doing this, office reserve rights to terminate you there and then without salary or any dues.
  • Your actions shouldn’t, in any case harm company, it’s officials or any authorized body, furniture, stationaries and virtual or tangible things. You will be liable to remedy the damage or pay that cost of loss, damage or harm. If you couldn’t pay, it will be deducted from your salary and you aren’t able to apply for resignation, until you remedy the damage in full.
  • You cannot apply for a new job until you have written permission by the authorized official body or your resignation is accepted. You will have to complete a grace period until your replacement is found.
  • You must apply for resignation, the only chance you get, to discontinue with us is, acceptance of that resignation. If you applied for resignation and it is not accepted, you are required to complete a grace period of six months or until we find replacement of you. Your salary will be held till the last day, if this is the case but you will be paid full or in installments.
  • In case of acceptance of resignation, a grace period of month is required to complete. Company will gladly discontinue with you with a farewell and dues paid in full. You will get your experience letter only in this case.
  • You agree that company is not liable to any legal issues, with you or arising due to you. You agree that if you have breached any of these terms and condition, you lose the right to file a case against company or any official body and you accept full liability.
  • You cannot influence any body against company or any official to force or influence a resignation. You cannot influence any customer or client in any bad way, and you cannot conduct any sort of business with our customers, old or new. In case of the breach, you will be penalized, or a company will file a case against you. You lose the right to your salary or wages.
  • If you get legal with company in any way, you will pay the expenditure that will incur to stand against you, like legal fees, court fees, attorney’s fee.
  • You are required to remain neutral in office. If company finds you in any political or harmful activity against company. You accept full liability and penalty of that activity and its effects.
  • You accept that you are not, and you will not be a part of any worker union or party. If any harm comes to company this way or it’s officials, you will accept the legal and monetary liability in such case.
  • You accept, the salary, commission or bonus agreed with you, is utterly and completely on your will, and agreed without any pressure or force.
  • Due to company’s current revenue limitation. Company cannot agree a yearly or grade-based increment. This will be decided only by authorized official bodies, in a formal letter with signature of at least one director and 2 members of board.
  • You agree that you are, in any case. not forced or compelled to join company by any official.