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It is a long established. Thanks for using our products and services (“Services”). The Services are provided by PETSAAL TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED (“Petsaal”), located at 1504-A, 2nd Floor, Zarrar Shaheed Road, Lahore Cantt, Punjab, Pakistan, 54810.

By joining us, you are completely agreeing to these terms and conditions. Please read them carefully. These terms and condition are subjected to changes with notice and will be applicable to you, immediately. You are accepting this and those coming up unconditionally.

  • Company can call for your service at any time and place during project. There is no exception to this rule.
  • Any work you put for the company is and remains property of company. You do not hold any right to its ownership and cannot use it for any reason or purpose except company’s benefit on consent of authorized official body.
  • Any client you find for company or deal with is customer of company, you cannot, in any case forward them to any other company or keep them for yourself.
  • You cannot use company’s name in any case, except it’s for the company itself.
  • You cannot associate or present you as employee of company or try to form any employee and employer relation.
  • You cannot claim, percentage, wage, bonus, more than agreed in agreement with you.
  • Your actions shouldn’t, in any case harm company, it’s officials or any authorized body, furniture, stationaries and virtual or tangible things. You will be liable to remedy the damage or pay that cost of loss, damage or harm. If you couldn’t pay, it will be deducted from your project price and you cannot opt out of project, until you remedy the damage in full.
  • You cannot influence any customer or client in any bad way, and you cannot conduct any sort of personal business or business for other organization with our customers, old or new. In case of the breach, you will be penalized, or a company will file a case against you. You lose the right to your project wage.
  • You agree that company is not liable to any legal issues, with you or arising due to you.
  • If you get legal with company or company get legal, in any way or breach the term of this document, you will pay the expenditure that will incur to stand against you, like legal fees, court fees, attorney’s fee.
  • You will report the progress of the project and will be transparent in the progress of the project. Your reports should be weekly.
  • Company might delay payment due to client payment, but you will be paid in full for your services, if client is onboard, company may hold your fund until the project ends, or, for a month depending on type of services.
  • Company has right to terminate the agreement with you for any reason.
  • You take full responsibility that you have the capacity and resources to handle the project you are signing agreement for.
  • You accept that, wage, commission or bonus agreed with you, is utterly and completely on your will, and agreed without any pressure or force.
  • Company isn’t liable to any loss, damage between you and client.