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POS Software Solution – Point of Sales Lahore

POS software solution is needed by every business nowadays. PETSAAL TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD. offers a complete combo solution for businesses. This includes POS, CRM, ERP, Leads Management, Production & WordPress integration system. PETSAAL TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD provides web-app & desktop-app as well.

Our software is flexible for almost every business. For POS overview see this page for overview features and see an overview of ERP Software Development Company. Our POS offers the following features at very reasonable rates.

Overview – POS Features

  1. Business Management
  2. User Management
  3. Contact Management
  4. Products Management
  5. Purchases Management
  6. Stock Transfer
  7. Sales/Sell
  8. Tax Settings
  9. Payment Accounts
  10. Reports
  11. Expense Management
  12. Invoices
  13. For Restaurants
    1. Table
    1. Service staff
    1. Booking
    1. Kitchens
  14. Other
    1. Saloon
    1. Service center
    1. etc…
pos Point of Sales Lahore

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Business Management

From this module, you can manage your multiple business locations & users[employees]. Registering a business includes business details, tax details & owner details.

Business Details

Fill out the fields for relevant information, and set your currency, time zone, address, and contact information. Different currencies for different businesses. Handle your multiple business locations & employees.

Tax Details

Fill out at least one Tax name and Tax number. Tax is like GST/VAT which varies for different countries. Fill in details & click on next.

Owner Details

The email, and username generated at the time of business registration is the owner. More admin can be created, edited, and deleted from the user’s management module. You can change status as well from the settings for any business location, employee, etc.

Setting-up Business

From this POS portal, you can create/edit/update invoices according to your design/letterhead. Our portal has different templates for invoices. Different businesses or different business locations can have different invoice schemes.

User Management

The user management module allows users to create roles, and employees, assign employees roles, set commissions for agents & update credentials for users.

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