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Best Web Novels Online Sites

Best Web Novels Online Sites

There are many websites where you can read free web novels and light novels. Some of these websites have very interesting features and a huge collection of novels. Almost every website in this list has Korean, Chinese, Japanese web novel and few light novels.

Some websites have their own published novels, and some of them are actually really good. You can read web novels and light novels from the following list.

Box Novel

Box novel is one of the best websites where you can read free web novels. it is lightning fast and has very unique & interesting web novels collections. It has around 650+ web novels and very mobile friendly Ux/Ui.

Best web novels online site | Box Novel
Box Novel

Kiss Light Novels

light novel or a raito noberu is a kind of Japanese novel that targets the middle school and high school demographic and tells stories from every genus that children going through those age groups can read and be excited about.

you can read light novels on kiss light novel website for free. With all of the present daylight novels available on it, KissLightNovels is the last mild novel studying vacation spot! each of the continuing light novels up to date weekly, with a brand new bankruptcy to look ahead too as quickly as it’s released in Japan. all of the light novels available at the website are translated into numerous languages. you may study in English, Japanese, or your native language. That’s so that it will decide!

Best web novels online site | Kiss light novel
Kiss Light Novel

CONS: It has very annoying ads.


Read thousands of Web novels online for free. Wordy buzz has Korean, Japanese and Chinses translated web novels collection. They have a good collection of completed & Ongoing web novels. If you want to read web novels, light novels & webtoons without any restrictions (like locked chapters), Wordybuzz is the right place for you. The user interface of this website is very soft and eyes comforting. They have updated novels on daily bases, they have huge completed web novels database and on-going novels. WordyBuzz also has some light novels, they are working to bring web-toons as well to their platform.

PROS: They have bookmark feature, now you can use this feature without providing any personal information.

Best web novels online site | WordyBuzz

Best Web Novels Online Sites

Wuxia World

Wuxiaworld.com, owned by Wuxiaworld Limited, was founded in December of 2014 by RWX, a passionate fan of Wuxia novels.  It quickly rose to prominence as the largest Chinese-to-English novel translation platform in the world.  Ranked by Alexa as one of the top 2000 websites, and with millions of page views per day, Wuxiaworld has become a brand name in Chinese-to-English novel translation excellence.

Wuxia website has audiobooks features but you have to signup to use this feature. Wuxia has a huge database of web novels collections. And it’s worlds’ first Chinses translated web novel website and has free web novels to read. And reviews of any web novel on this website are real due to real interested & royal readers/users.

CRONS: The translation speed is not fast, as compare to WordyBuzz.

Best web novels online site | Wuxiaworld


This website updates daily on-going novels, here you can read Korean, Chinses and Japanese translated web novels. This website is very famous along with the reader’s community. It has a large number of completed web novels as well as on-going web novels.

Novelfull Web novels


MTLnovel has many web novels free to read as well as many features. It has a huge database of completed & on-going novels. They have ranking modules, chat module and upcoming novels feature module.


MTLNovel is a RAW Novels translator site using automatic Machine Translation (MTL), so we can translate the novels faster than human translation. The reason for making this site is because there are only a few manual translators and it is a bit slow to translate light novels manually. Therefore if You are not patient enough waiting for the manual translation of your favourite novels, MTLNovel with its machine translation is the solution for you.

CRONS: You have signup to use it’s features such as Library etc.

Best Web Novels Online Sites


You can find web novels, light novels and even mangas on this website. They have a huge collection of mangas, light novels and web novels as well. The user interface of this website is top-notch and user experience is mind-blowing. JPMTL is far better than most of the websites which are listed here.

JPMTL Website

User signup is required to use some features. User experience is the next level, you can download novels form this website, you can suggest the editing of the translation of a novel chapter while reading.

CRONS: Need personal information to use some features which WordyBuzz provides free.

List Novel

List novel has user interface just like Box Novel. But List novel has more novels collections then Box Novel. This website has almost 1000+ novels to read for free. UX/UI is simple and easy to use, it has some famous novels.

List Novel Website

Novel Trench

Novel Trench has a large number of novels free to read online. It has a very simple user interface and easy to use navigation menu and other things. It has a very similar user interface, such as box novels and list novels website.


Best Web Novels Online Sites


This website has many features and I think Novel.pl is one of the top web novels websites I have ever visited. Novel.pl has audio feature, user can read or listen novel chapters online free. It has scoring system, user can vote any chapter audio and comment. User can download chapter’s audio or novel’s chapter in PDF format. Novel.pl provide RSS feed and some suggestion module as well where Novel.pl suggest you some novels.

CRONS: UX/UI is outdated, few broken links and user have to signup to use some feautres.


Eng Novel

Engnovel is one of the best web-novels website, it has some very cool features. It keeps record of the chapters you read in it’s ‘reading list’ and it very large database of completed and on-going web novels. User interface is good and navigation is also easy for the readers. Every min new chapter is added into this website and with every time it’s database is expanding.

ENGNovels website

Babel Novel

Babel Novels has translated web novels, light novels and fiction novels as well. It also has a forum where you can share and discuss your fav web novel or any novel. You can create, submit or write or publish your own novel/web novel here. Babel Novel also have a mobile application on iOS and Android, you can download these applications from their website.

Babel Novel Website

PROS: Very good user interface and has a massive collection of web novels and fiction novels. And it has it’s own forum where you can discuss or give your opinion about any novel, web novel etc.

Best Web Novels Online Sites

Novel Hall

Read 1000+ web novels online for free on mobile and desktop. The user interface is outdated but the content is updated on daily bases. Novel Hall has all genre web novels and they have a huge database of completed web novels.

CRONS: Ux/Ui is outdated as compare to WordyBuzz or other web novel website.

Novelhall website


Since its launch in January 2019,TapRead aims to build the largest online web novel platform and community in the world. TapRead focus on providing a high-quality fantasy and mystical stories to millions of readers in the global market. TapRead also has a reliable cross-platform website to provide an outstanding reading experience to our readers. The TapRead project has translated more than 100 novels and cartoons, serving 180 countries and regions. The main exporting countries and regions are the United States, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Britain, Brazil, Canada, Singapore and so on. There are more than one million users.

PROS: You can web novels and comics on Tapread for free. User interface is good and very interactive.